Civil National Group specialises in de-rating buildings and stripping out building internals where organisation and precision are essential.

Such services can be performed either as part of a major building refurbishment programme or prior to demolition of the building.

Interior stripping activities include the removal of all floor coverings, temporary floors and ceilings, non-load bearing partitions, mechanical and electrical systems including lighting, cables, cable trays, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and the disconnection and removal of utilities (gas, electricity, water and telecommunications).

Our highly trained operatives are experienced in carrying out total strip out works on projects where there is a requirement for non-structural elements of a building to be removed.

We use careful techniques where we can remove recyclable materials such as timber, metal and plastics, prior to the full demolition of site or where a building is undergoing major refurbishment. Our careful approach allows us to segregate waste materials and ensure that we maximise the amount of material that is reused. We always aim to minimize the amount of waste on every project,

Using skill sets similar to those used in decommissioning work.