The total demolition works of such buildings, commercial factories, high rise, or even a single story house requires a systematic approach, with the expertise in our company we always assess every project in our board room and discuss on the safest way to attack each project, our engineers work closely on ensuring that protection to adjoining properties, and supporting members of the building are not affected during demolition, we place all safety measures in place to protect the people, environment, and structural elements of the building and adjoining property,

Our Company safety policy manual ensures that our team are protected through systematic and careful approach using the latest safety equipment, and new machinery all fitted with the appropriate safety devices.


Our Managers ensure that the safety of our team is protected from injuries, we are proud of our safety track record with no serious injuries since our doors opened 25 years ago.

Our team ensure that the safety of the environment is also protected and the waste of demolition materials are recycled where possible.