It has been identified as a key element in our clients’ requirements for successful construction projects. And one that Civil National Group is uniquely well equipped to meet with a range of cost-saving services in waste management, resource efficiency and material recycling.

Our waste management employs codes of good environmental practice and innovative technology. We re-use, recycle and recover material and wastes produced during a project. Our stringent and responsible approach is particularly relevant on contaminated, ex-industrial sites. We offer a complete waste management service, from initial on-site waste stream audits and classification advice to the collection and processing of various types of industrial and special wastes.


The company has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, processing and managing all types of ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic metals.

We offer a full service from initial survey to valuation, managing and collection of materials, providing our clients with a quality service which guarantees best market value.


Today’s ever-increasing environmental concerns and legislative constraints place considerable pressure on the industry to recycle waste materials. Civil National Group is licensed and are at the forefront for protecting the environment. This process considerably reduces the amount of material sent to landfill, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the company’s operations.